Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Challenge Everything.

What's up punks?  My father just posted a topic in the discussion forum that is certainly worth reading, go take a look. What this discussion made me think about is how we really need to challenge everything.  That's part of what being a "raw food punk" means to me.  There is a lot of information out there.  A lot of it is biased, one-sided and to be quite honest, blatantly wrong.  For this reason, we need to be responsible about what we take in as absolute truth.

 I think it is important to challenge everything you read.  Know all sides of a topic before you make a final decision about your opinion on it. Try things out for yourself before you create a rule for your life that may not be worth following for you.

 I have been reading more and more information about raw food lifestyles in pursuit of being as knowledgeable about every side of the topic as possible.  As I do this, I find that it is important for me to know for myself through experience how foods make me feel and what is best for my health.  I recommend the same for you.  Take information you find here or anywhere else and try it out for yourself, see if it is successful for you and challenge it if it doesn't feel right.  Reading something should get you thinking, researching, and experimenting, not jumping to action just cause someone tells you its the right thing to do.  If you think I'm wrong about something, or you try a recipe and hate it, let me know!  We can all benefit from being challenged, its good to think critically about everything that we apply to our lives, especially concerning our health!

Eat happy, be a punk! : P

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  1. Squrrel Nut Zippers does not sing Female of the Species. It is by Space