Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Lemonade with Escarole

On my last trip to the grocery store,to my horror, they were out of kale and spinach!  I bought some escarole to use in my Green Lemonade.  I don't use tons of escarole in my diet, and am not really in love with it.  Today, with the escarole, my green lemonade was a little less sweet and citrusy as usual.  I actually ended up adding the juice from half of another lemon so that I could still enjoy my beverage.  SO my advice is, if you are using escarole in your green lemonade you may want to use two apples for extra sweetness or add an extra lemon if you like your lemonade more tart.  Basically, fix your juice so that it tastes good, no reason to put yourself through torture to get healthy, duh!

I also wanted to mention a little something about not eating unless you are hungry.  I know a lot of us have been programmed to believe that it is unhealthy to skip breakfast, which it absolutely is, IF and only if you are actually hungry.  It is possible that when you wake up your body is still dealing with what you had yesterday, especially if you ate a heavy or improperly combined dinner.  If you aren't hungry, it means that your body does not need or want food yet, so don't force it!  I used to believe that I should eat breakfast even when not hungry if I was going to be exerting myself.  I thought that if I didn't eat, even though I had no appetite, that I might pass out at the ballet barre.   I have completely proved myself wrong and today is an example.  I had planned on making juice before I went to ballet, but I didn't wake up hungry so I decided to skip it and just drink some water with lemon while I got ready.  I rode my bike 30 minutes, took a 90 minute ballet class, and then rode my bike 30 minutes home.  Guess what, I'm still alive and feeling great!  I was hungry on my trip home and probably should have brought an apple or something to eat when I did actually get hungry, but I didn't feel weak or faint at all.  My point is, trust your body; if it needs nourishment it will surely tell you.  If you aren't hungry your body is telling you it doesn't need any food right now, so don't force it!!  Please don't get me wrong here, if you are hungry you should eat, have some green lemonade or fresh fruit.  There is absolutely no reason to deprive yourself if you are hungry, but if you aren't don't worry about it, your body is an astounding entity and its messages shouldn't be ignored.

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Eat  Happy.  : )

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