Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Asian style Salad

I totally had to do a punk move last night and point and laugh at my mom.  She has intentions of going at least semi-raw with me but is taking baby steps and changing her diet slowly, but surely.  No, that is not a reason to point at laugh at her, I know that!  But, since her process is gradual she still orders take-out mexican sometimes and orders things such as DELUXE BURRITO...sounds scary, right?  As someone who doesn't do so well with strict rules, I understand her 'throw all caution to the wind' attitude, but then come the consequences of eating a white flour tortilla with meat, cheese, refried beans and heavy sauces....
 I, however, opted out of Mexican and made myself a huge, ridiculously good, new salad which I shall share the recipe for at the end of this post.  After dinner, I felt great, satisfied, not stuffed, comfortable and full of energy.  MOM, however, felt gross, uncomfortable, and all together stuffed.  So, as someone who encourages my mother to eat salad with me, I had to point and laugh when, after eating about 3/4 of the dinner, the words "that's disgusting" and "I feel so uncomfortable" came out of her mouth.  So sure, not a contest, but I most certainly gave her a nice "i told you so" grin. : P

In a follow-up interview, conducted...right now...Mom says she was thinking "it was good in the moment but why did I eat that?" She also knows that she would have been better off eating something more detox-worthy. Ya live, ya learn. 

So, last night, although my parents were eating a mexican meal, I went with a meal with a more Asian flair and concocted this salad:

Romaine lettuce
Red Cabbage
Red Pepper
Green onions

(I didn't really measure, here are my estimations, but taste and see what you like!)
1/2 cup already made teriyaki sauce ()
1 tbsp almond butter
juice from half a lime
1/4-1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Blend all ingredients together.

Julienne all the veggies, mix together and pour dressing over the salad.  I made this based on what I had in the fridge but I bet it would be super good with bean sprouts, maybe some broccoli, and some sesame seeds sprinkled on top.  Enjoy this salad, and bask in the glory of feeling comfortable and completely un-weighed down by your meal!

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