Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Starbucks for me thanks and Easy Mexican Lettuce Wraps!

 just to have to brag about my big achievement yesterday: I worked a 7.5 hour shift at Starbucks and did not have a latte, or any sort of drink with processed soy milk!!!  I feel like the first couple days are the toughest so making it past day one is a big deal!  The truth is, I could feel a difference in my body...just from leaving out the one processed thing I still had in my diet.  I usually feel really skinny in the morning and then once I have a latte I feel a little, I guess I would say, bloated and definitely not as skinny as I had felt when I started my day.  Yesterday however, I felt just as thin, light, and energetic at 9pm as I did at 9am, YAY!  
I was in a rush for dinner last night so I threw together some lettuce wraps that actually turned out really great.  I made some quick guacamole with 2 avocados, juice from half a lime, 1/2 a large clove of garlic, some salt and chili powder.  It wasn't my favorite guacamole that I have made but it was good enough.  I then spread some of the guacamole on a romaine lettuce leaf and topped it with some raw corn, grape tomatoes, and julienned red pepper.  Wrap it up and enjoy!  This probably took me like 10-15 minutes to prepare so its great in a rush.  Lettuce wraps are easy and you can get really creative with the fill-ins, just work with whatever you've got in the fridge!  

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