Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sesame Ginger Dressing and Curried Cauliflower

I am at a raw until dinner level with my diet right now, so I made a dinner last night that included some cooked vegetables.  We started with a nice raw salad with my delicious version of Sesame Ginger dressing then had some curried cauliflower, a recipe I found online and detoxified a bit.  This meal, though partially cooked, is still super healthy and completely detox worthy. So, unless you are a 100% raw foodist, you should certainly give these recipes a try!  Enjoy!

Sesame Ginger Dressing
1 cup sesame oil
1/2 cup agave nectar
1/2 cup brown rice vinegar
3 inch ginger
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons Nama Shoyu soy sauce
1/4-1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender.  There is oil in this one and the flavor is strong so you can use it pretty sparingly on your salad.  It was great on a salad with romaine lettuce, red and green onions, tomato, cucumber, and shredded carrot.

Curried Cauliflower with Peas and Spinach
1 cup low sodium vegetable broth, divided
2 tablespoons curry powder
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1/2 inch piece of ginger, peeled and minced
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 large tomato, seeded and chopped
1 head cauliflower, stem removed and chopped into small florets
1 cup spinach (I used frozen, thawed)
1 cup frozen peas, thawed (i'm sure fresh would be just fine!)

-Heat about 1/4-1/2 cup vegetable broth in soup pot, cook onions, curry powder and ginger in the broth until onion is soft.
-Add tomato and cook another 2-4 minutes.
-Stir in the rest of the vegetable broth and tomato paste.  Add the cauliflower, spinach and peas. Cover the pot and let simmer for about 15 minutes.  The cauliflower should be tender. Uncover and cook more if you would like the sauce to be thicker.  Add salt as needed.  This would be great served over some brown basmati rice!  Enjoy.

PS. The recipe originally uses butter instead of the first 1/2 cup of vegetable broth, so I ended up having to add extra vegetable broth later as it absorbed pretty quickly.  I think 1 cup should be fine, but don't be afraid to use a little more liquid if necessary or desired.  

Musical feast of the day: Canned Heat-Jamiroquai

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