Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trial and Error

Okay, so I have admitted that I don't always eat 100% raw, but lately I've been feeling pretty tempted to go 100%.  Today I grabbed a vegan peanut butter rice krispy treat from my local co-op, just for fun.  I ate a few bites and immediately felt gross. Its really true, there is energy in raw food, and when you eat food that is cooked/processed you don't get any of that energy cause its already zapped out.  As I'm writing this blog I can still feel my body processing that little bit of rice krispy treat(with no refined sugar or flour, i might add) or maybe not even processing...feels more like its just sitting in my stomach.  Ew.  I found myself, just a couple bites in, looking forward to the salad and gazpacho that I was planning on making for dinner...that's right, i want vegetables more than a peanut butter rice krispy treat!  I think I may be clinging to the part of me that used to say "Screw it, I want that dessert so I'm going to eat it" even though it may not even really be there anymore.  Is it possible that my cravings for sweets have declined based on eating a mainly raw diet...I think so, win!!
I came home and did some online research and was reading about people who tried the raw food diet and whose cravings changed and I realized how much of it applies to me!  I feel such a difference on the days I eat all raw, so much cleaner and lighter and more energetic.  Even soy lattes weigh me down, and I practically live for those.
Doing my readings I remembered how my tastes have changed thanks to raw food:
-I crave salad.  
-I can pass up bread...I used to be a carb addict.
-The baked goods at Starbucks look unappealing.
-Id rather have green juice in the morning than anything else.
-After I eat crappy food, I never feel guilty but I do really want a cucumber.
-I don't care that much about chocolate...I love dark chocolate but I have no problem saying no to candy.
-I can honestly say I don't crave junk food...when its in front of my face I have a bit of an issue, but I would never even think of ordering myself a pizza or buying a bag of doritos.
Wow!  Its nice to read about other people's experiences and open your eyes to your own progress!
All this checking in has given me two new goals:
-No more soy lattes.
-Eat 100% raw on most days, even for dinner.
I am re-inspired, and off to make gazpacho and salad!
Also, I am in the process of trying different raw desserts...I tried brownies, so good!  Im going to spend tomorrow experimenting with different recipes to create my own treats.  Im thinking about trying to sell them at my local farmer's market if it goes well...I'll keep you posted!

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