Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Personal Blog and Call for Feedback

Hello punks!  I had an epiphany this morning about the development of this website and I'd like to present my ideas to you!  

Having a raw food blog is great but what am I trying to achieve?  I realized, while reading Food Matters that my goal is to help every single person in America understand the detriments of the standard american diet and help them make smarter choices towards becoming a healthier population and planet.  It is so sad to me how many people don't understand the simplicity of it all; eat less processed food, eat as much food as possible that is in its natural state, eat less animal products, eat more plants, don't over consume.  Its so simple, we shouldn't need to count calories, fat grams, carbs, etc. in order to understand being healthy.  I am also upset by the number of people who say it is too difficult or too expensive to eat healthy.  The worst part of those statements is that they are probably true.  But we can change it!  The more we, as consumers, demand the foods that will nourish us and help us achieve optimal health, the more accessible and affordable those foods will be!  Why should an imitation product be more expensive than the natural food it is imitating!?  We need to educate the masses, in a simple and understandable way, about what healthy eating really means.  I want to be a part of that.

I do not want to take away from what this blog already provides.  I would like to continue presenting simple, delicious recipes that make it easy to incorporate raw foods in to our daily lives.  But I'd like to make some additions.  I would like to add more informative posts concerning the foods we eat and how they affect our bodies.  I'm thinking that each week I will pick a different food or food group and present information about why its really awesome for our health or why it sucks, and of course, recipes to go along with it!  Also, more personal posts about my adventures in eating healthy in the real world.  How I eat at restaurants, challenges I face, how to overcome them, and providing any advice that I may find or you people may ask me for.

I want to reach more people, I want to be able to open someone eyes to how easy it can be to live healthy and happy every single day!  I find that, despite the fact that I have been a dancer all my life, this is what I wake up in the morning motivated to do.  I still love to dance, and believe that will always be a part of my life, but I really believe I have found something I am incredibly passionate about; something that will make a difference.  We all have a reason to be here, this is mine.  

Please, please, please tell me how you feel about my ideas and how it would change the feel of this website.  Thanks so much for coming, reading, thinking, and sharing! : )

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  1. Hi, I'm a daily visitor to the website and love the ideas behind your recipes (haven't actually tried them yet because I've been couped up in a dorm with no kitchen and appliances to use). I love your idea to present more information and think a weekly profile would be a great way to do it. I've actually been reading a lot on eating whole minimally- or un-processed foods for a few months now, but it is definately hard when you're a broke student. At any rate, I think that it would be a welcomed addition as long as the posts still reflected your voice and personality!

  2. I really appreciate your comment and I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! I would never lose my voice in my writing, I'm too stubborn. : P Thanks again for the feedback and I hope to hear more from you soon!

  3. Hayley,

    I think this is spectacular and support it all the way! As you know, this going raw is a HARD process, how long has it taken you to go for it fully? I'm not trying to do a school analysis of it, but I'd love to see you eventually do some of the following so u could inform and influence some of us curious future raw foodies like i:
    *A full story of how u came to this food lifestyle, what made u do it, the differences u've seen, the ups and down
    *and mainly id love to see u do a developed study on how u can become a raw foodie. it probably doesn't happen over night so what's a the steps to becoming one, how do u transition, what products r the best substitutes, which brands have the best price value, what u miss the most, how u can supplement it? I'd mainly love to see u do it bc then i might have some advice n support on making the plunge myself

    thank u n love u

  4. Thanks so much for your awesome comments! I am happy to say that most of your questions will be answered as soon as the other pages are posted to the site! The pages are written, they just need to be posted by my web guy...stay tuned!!!! : )

    Just for now, I am still in the transition process, I believe in making raw foods work for you instead of the other way around. I know that raw food makes me healthy and I feel great when I eat raw, but I don't think I will ever be 100%. I believe we can all benefit from eating in more whole, raw foods and as little processed artificial stuff as possible. Thats how I eat right now, and I hope to spread the raw punk style. : )